De Luna Counselling

About me

Alvaro Luna (he/him)Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC #10000727)

I am a cis gay man of Latinx background. I grew up in Colombia and moved to Canada in 2014. I’ve had my own mental health journey, characterized by dealing with the challenges of immigration, homophobia, discrimination, and other issues that have come up in my life; and by identifying ways to face difficulties and thrive. By choosing mental health as my career path, I have learned ways to process and cope with life in our world and society, and I am glad to be able to share them professionally through my work. My goal is to support others in coping with the mental health challenges life comes with.

My professional preparation for this work includes two Master’s degrees in clinical psychology and counselling from Andes University (Colombia) and the City University of Seattle, respectively. I’ve had the opportunity to sharpen my clinical skills in various settings, including the LGBTI+ Community Centre of Bogota, the Andes University (Casa Espinoza) Counselling Centre, The FORO Foundation (DBT Centre of Buenos Aires), and the Health Initiative for Men (HIM) Health Centre in Vancouver. These settings have provided me with the experience to support people dealing with challenges like internalized homo/trans/bi phobia, coming out, anxiety and mood disorders, emotion dysregulation issues, communication skills, among others. I have also had the chance to collaborate with organizations like CBRC (Community Based Research Centre – Canada), Qmunity (Vancouver).

Areas of focus

My practice is characterized by being affirmative of gender and multicultural diversity

Gender & Sexuality

LGBTQI+ Specific Matters (Coming Out, Internalized homo/bi/transphobia, Hormone Readiness Assessments)

Intercultural Challenges(Mixed-culture relationships)

Migration Issues (Mental Health related)

Anxiety and Mood IssuesPanic, Social Anxiety, Depression, Obsessions/Compulsions, Trauma

Emotion Regulation Issues


Assertiveness & Interpersonal Communication Challenges

Approach: I treat my clients with deep compassion, and respect. I practice Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I intend to conceptualize and understand each person’s context, identify the barriers, problematic behaviours and thinking patterns related to suffering; and support them in processing/resolving the core issues. I guide us to collaboratively identify more adaptive behaviours, thoughts, and coping strategies to support you in your life goals. I believe my clients do the best they can with what they have, which allows me to have a positive regard towards them, and a deep sense of empathy and compassion.


Individual sessions

Individual, personalized psychotherapy sessions of 50 minutes (one hour) as part of a counselling/psychotherapy process directed to the public and clients. These sessions are the main way to support clients. This space can be used for goal setting, self-exploration, evaluation and assessment, discussions about mental health-related issues, clinical interventions, among other themes pertinent to counselling and psychotherapy. Session Fee: CAD$125

Clinical supervision / Consultation

Clinical supervision/consultation sessions directed to mental health and allied health professionals, counsellors, psychotherapists, students and other professionals. Therapeutic approach: Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Areas of expertise: LGBTI+ mental health, gender and diversity, anxiety and mood issues, assertiveness, communication and interpersonal issues, intercultural issues. Session Fee: CAD$150


Personalized presentations/ talks about specialty topics: Working with LGBTQI+ folks, gender diversity, inclusive/affirming language, management of anxiety and mood issues, assertiveness, communication and interpersonal issues, migration and mental health. Fee: According to length, content, level of personalization


If you have any questions or are looking to explore working together, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can schedule a free, 20-minute consultation to discuss your goals for therapy and to see if we might be a good fit.

P: +1 (587) 937 5209